Can You Use Facebook to Get Your Ex Back?

These days we are connected to the people around us in more ways that we can count. Cell phones, smart phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and location-based apps let us be in touch 24/7, for better or for worse.

And sometimes it IS for worse… Particularly during a bad breakup. Before you read any further, I have to tell you this:

You won’t be talking WITH your ex on Facebook to use this very controversial technique for winning back your ex. This probably isn’t what you’re expecting to hear, especially if you are feeling particularly desperate (and most people are) to get your ex back.

But stick with me, and I’ll show you exactly how you CAN use Facebook to begin the process of winning back the woman or man you love. Check out the tips below and it won’t be long before your ex will be calling YOU…

How to Use Facebook to Get Your Ex Back Again:

1. DON’T immediately unfriend your ex

You DO want to stop the flow of constant communication, you DON’T want to cut off this particular avenue. You want to leave it open in order to use it in the ex-back process. Anyway, immediately unfriending your ex on Facebook just makes you look angry and spiteful (which you probably are, but you don’t need to show that to the world).

2. Resist the urge to look at your ex’s posts or page

It’s important to NOT appear desperate. You need to be able to give your ex some breathing room, and even make them wonder why you aren’t completely broken and curled up in a miserable ball on the floor. The object here is to look like you aren’t particularly interested in what’s going on in your ex’s life, even if you actually are. So don’t look, and certainly don’t comment, share, “like,” or respond to anything they post.

3. WAIT if you plan to change your “relationship status”

If your Facebook page shows you’re “in a relationship with” your ex, you may want to change that, but under no circumstances should you do it in the heat of the moment. Wait at least a few days beyond the breakup before you change it, and don’t make ANY other mention of it anywhere on your page. And if it’s too late and you already did this, don’t worry about it. It’s not the critical factor in your plan.

4. DON’T make an apology on Facebook

You should make plans to apologize if you screwed up, cheated, or otherwise caused the breakup. But don’t do it online. You owe your ex a sincere, heartfelt apology IN PERSON, and if that isn’t possible, you can do it in a letter – the old-fashioned kind. (I show you exactly how to write the perfect apology letter, designed to help you get your ex back, in this free video [LINK].) But whatever you do, don’t do it on Facebook, by cell or text, or in an email. In person or by letter are the best possible options.

5. NOW start making your ex want you back…

This is the hard part, but it’s also the best. You have to start making yourself back into the compelling, exciting person your ex fell in love with. Chances are you were vibrant, energetic, and had lots of interesting things going on in your life.

Get out of bed and get back into the universe! Hang with your friends and be the life of the party. And above all, take pictures. BE in the pictures. You want to post things to Facebook that show you having the time of your life.

Your ex may feel a little surprised to see you out there, but if you’ve waited at least a few days or a week before you start your project, you should be fine. You will begin to make them wonder… Because they were most likely expecting to see morbid, depressed posts, or even a total absence on your shared social networks.

But that’s not what they’ll see.

They’ll see the best side of you, the happy, vibrant part of you they once loved. And they’ll see you surrounded by friends of BOTH SEXES, which may prick up a little jealousy.

6. Be a little mysterious towards your ex

This is your biggest power play. Begin to refer to new projects and exciting opportunities you have in the works. Don’t tell it all, just refer to it and go on. Then start to mention a new “friend” you have met, and make a few mysterious statements about making plans with this “friend” of yours. Mention travel plans, but don’t give specifics.

7. Play your Ace

Your ex is probably not going to like this “friend” business at all, and when the time is right, you can make it clear that you know they were right to break up with you, and you wish you could get back together BUT you understand that THEY don’t want that. Close by telling them you wish them the best. And say it like you mean it! This play is best made in person, because it gives your ex the opportunity to actually see that you mean it and experience the potential loss of your love, and they can use that opportunity to begin to invite you back into their life.

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5 responses to “Can You Use Facebook to Get Your Ex Back?”

  1. Maria

    After how long you can start to put Photos? I thought You need the 30 days
    no contact, hope someone can help me thanks

  2. Kevin

    This article has some great points. I never thought Facebook could have such a huge impact on getting my ex back. All of these points are important because any one of them can ruin my chances with my ex. Now I know what to avoid. Thank you.

  3. James Malcoin


    If you want your ex back through facebook, you might start to show enthusiasm. That youfeel good yourself and your new life. You can make post where you’re eating with friends or other events. You can tell that you are starting to work out if you need it. It is important to show enthusiasm, and you have no home and cry under the blanket.


  4. Noemi

    I like this article and especially the pointers that were given, but
    I have a few questions. Alright here I go lol I don’t have a
    Facebook, but my ex boyfriend does should I get one, so that he
    Can see for himself that I’m still the same girl, but in a better way?
    I want him to find out by himself on what he has been missing on.
    We had a good relationship going and all. Drama free, problem free.
    Everything went smooth, but here is another question it has been
    Almost about a year since he has last broke up with me and all I hear
    Are rumors that he has been single since he last broke up with me
    And that over the summer time he seemed down and depressed since
    He broke up with me, so by any chance should I get a Facebook, so that
    Maybe he can realize everything that he has missed on from me? I would
    Like to get back with him because of how much of a great guy he is. I know
    It has been a long time since he last broken up with me, but because of all
    The rumors my friends tell me about him I just feel that I still have hope of
    Getting him back but I just don’t know how. We don’t chat or text to each other
    Cause he said it was going to be hard for him to move on, so ever since then
    I decided to Completely give him his time and space, but I just miss him so much. So please
    Help me on this one! I don’t know what to do! All I know is that there might still be hope.
    Sincerely, Noemi

  5. scott

    I have been checking out your page off and on skeptical if it’ll work or not. I haven’t made that first step in sending my ex the hand written letter because during our break up she moved into an apt with her brother and she stopped talking to me. I try not to text or email her but I broke that by wishing her a happy bday June 6th. Would the text message approach work since I don’t know her current address? Or should I mail it to her old apt and hope they fwd it to her new apt?