Want Your Ex Back? Stop Doing This!

The Top 20 Most Common Mistakes Men and Women Make After a Breakup

Have you had that incredibly painful “We need to talk” conversation? Did he or she tell you they “just needs space,” or “We can still be friends,” or (worst one of all) “It’s not you, it’s me…”?

You already know that a bad breakup can wreck your universe. After all, you’ve just been through one, and you may still be reeling from the pain.

But what you might not know is that breakups ARE reversible. You can overcome the problems and renew the relationship… if you know what to do.

Unfortunately, you might be making all the wrong moves.

Want you ex back? Wish you could erase the past and get back the future you had with him or her? Check out the list below and see if you’re making these common mistakes…

Top mistakes women make after a man breaks up with them:

    1. Cyberstalking him on all your shared social networks.

    2. Text messaging him day and night.

    3. Phoning his friends and family to try and get them to your side.

    4. Crying and pleading for him to come back to you.

    5. Getting all “fatal attraction” on him (destroying his property, etc.).

    6. Trying to explain or justify why you cheated or otherwise messed up.

    7. Being overly nice and sweet and trying to do everything for him.

    8. Failing to offer a sincere, honest apology if you did something wrong.

    9. Self-medicating with alcohol, over-eating, failing to exercise and take care of yourself.

    10. Not addressing the real problems in the relationship.

Top mistakes men make after a woman breaks up with them:

    1. Going overboard on flowers, presents, and other “bribes” to get her back.

    2. Trying to explain all the reasons why you cheated or otherwise messed up.

    3. Promising her that things will be different next time.

    4. Playing the “depressed” card in order to get her attention.

    5. Calling her friends and family and trying to manipulate your way back.

    6. Failing to offer a sincere apology if you’ve done something to break the relationship.

    7. Not allowing her to be angry and upset about your mistakes (if you made some).

    8. Trying to “guilt” her into taking you back.

    9. Using drugs, alcohol, or “revenge/rebound” sex to make the pain go away.

    10. Not addressing the real problems in the relationship.

What can you do NOW… After The Break Up?

You’re not the only one struggling to get your ex back.

In fact, you’ve probably looked at lots of online information, or read books and talked to people, and very little of it has been helpful. Too many so-called “self help” products focus on the wrong things, and while they can be useful in some ways, you’re not looking for a LITTLE bit of help, you need a system-wide solution that you can TRUST will absolutely do the job.

The Magic of Making Up is a system that isn’t conventional, but it DOES work.

You already know the top 20 mistakes not to make, but now you need to be able to work quickly toward the recovery of your relationship.

There’s NO reason to feel hopeless!

In fact, your very first step is to KNOW that is IS possible to get back together, and the second step is to stop making the (very common) mistakes listed above.

And the third step is the single most counter-intuitive one of all of them…

Agree to the breakup. . .

That’s right, and it’s not quiiiite as simple or straightforward as it sounds. But you need to stop pushing so hard against your ex so that the pressure is relieved and you both can begin to move forward again.

Would you like even more information about your path forward? The Magic of Making Up is only a simple click away.

There’s no reason to wait even one more minute to begin building the life you want and deserve. You can turn the tables and make your ex want you as badly as you want them!

Don’t wait! Get “the magic” now! => The Magic of Making Up Course

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5 responses to “Want Your Ex Back? Stop Doing This!”

  1. chris

    My wife and I have been split up for a yearand getting divorced.I would like to get her back.what caused the split.Is I got hurt on the job, so couldn’t work anymore it’s been three years since I have worked. Well I started getting really depressed, because I stayed at home all the time with the kids and could not work, I was in pain all the time, I wouldn’t go to sleep with my wife because I would. Stay up late.I started getting paranoid, and started accusing her of cheating, i was verbally abusive, when we have a fight I would tell her to get the f@#k out.then I got really bad and thought about killing myself with the gun we had, that was the final blow. She said she had enough. We still talk everyday she calls me, and she tells me all of the problems in her relationship. What does that mean.She also tells me when she is sick and misses work, I would really love your help, but I live on work —comp and can’t even afford the extra 40 dollars, so if you could find it in your heart to help me I would be grateful, u also have no credit cards or bank account, hope you can help.Sincerely Christopher

  2. Jeramie Caldwell

    Hi T DuB, Jeramie here I was just wondering how many couples have you help get back togather after divorce? Me an my Ex have been divorce 7mo now. We had one point talked about getting back togahter but she is with her previous ex. What caused divorce was she said I did treat her three boys right meaning as she stated I never talked to them. I did care about them. An the other reason was I talked to women online wacth porn some which I get even though nothing never happened I was cheating on her. I had got copy of Magic of Make up read it all way though an just didnt seem like it was for me or would help me. I really want her back that all want I do care if rich or not I be rich by being with her.

  3. Debbie

    By the way..your advise is helping me,,its hard not to text..i did..but im going to try today to not do it,,i didnt get a kiss goodbye as hubby left for work..i have to keep busy to stop from texting and saying you.SOB heartless thing..i wont..but its going to be hard..lol..ur book makes sense to me..ill let you know..he hasnt said divorce and its been almost 24hrs since bought the book..downloaded book…so today its all about me..and not ice cream and tv…even though as soon as he was out the door i did eat an ice cream at 630am. I needed the comfort i guess..lol..would really like to have this on an app or something easy so i dont accidently delete email..ty. Debbie. In pa

  4. Gabriel

    Hello. My name is Gabriel Bernasconi, and I am 18 years old. I saw your video on YouTube, and I can say it made me feel a lot better and more comfertible then all the other advice I was getting. I am recently broken up, on Christmas Day, and I miss her a lot! I don’t mean to sound like a drama queen but I would very much appreciate your advice. If you do email me (only if you have time, I don’t want to be a waist of time) I will get more into detail on my situation. Thank you very much. Please contact me if you have time. Thank you, bye.

  5. Lisa

    Is it possible to win your ex back after they stated they wanted a seperation but is thinking of moving on with someone. Would there even be a chance once they start being with someone that you could win them back? Please email me with your advice thank you