Getting Your Ex Back After a Long Time Apart… What Are Your Odds?

A question that gets asked often is if you can get your ex back EVEN if a long-time has passed. The simple answer is yes. Even if you and your ex have been separated for a long amount of time, it doesn’t take away from the intimacy and closeness that you once shared as a couple.

In fact, when determining whether a couple will get back together again, the long period apart may not be the most important component. In helping couples reconcile throughout the years, I have observed several distinct factors that carry a great deal of weight in whether or not you can save your relationship.

So regardless if you and your ex have been apart for days, weeks, months or even years, lets look at what’s most important when it comes to getting back together again. Below are common relationship criteria that can actually increase the odds of you getting your ex back.

The Odds of Getting Your Ex Back:

  • How long were you a couple?

The longer you’ve been together, the stronger the bond you’ve created together. So it stands to reason that if you and your ex were together for years VS only a few months or weeks then the odds that you can rebond again also increases.

Much like the saying, “the bonds that tie”, the closeness you and your ex shared as a couple can forever bind you together.

  • How serious was your relationship?

Were you an important part of your exes life OUTSIDE of your relationship? The greater the influence you had in your ex’s personal life, the greater the chances of getting your ex back.

Something else to think about is how close you were to your exes family and friends. Were you considered a part of the family… or apart from the family? Never discount the huge impact that family and friends can play in influencing your ex’s decision of whether or not to reconcile.

  • Why did you breakup?

You answer to this question alone is very significant towards getting your ex back. How can you begin the process of getting back together if you aren’t exactly sure of the reasons for the break up in the first place?

Be extremely honest. Was the breakup over something you have at least some control over, say for example, different priorities or goals in life? Or was the breakup caused by insurmountable difficulties such as addictions or abuse?

  • How was the breakup dealt with?

Was the breakup a joint decision that the two of you agreed upon, or was it all pretty much one-sided? Were you both polite and considerate of each-others feelings, or was it a nasty breakup in which some “words” were said?

If damage was done during the breakup process, getting back together again will likely be more challenging. Fixing past relationship mistakes will be necessary before moving on to reconciliation.

There are of course other factors to consider when wanting to get your ex back, including:

  • Are either (or both) of you currently involved with someone else?
  • Would you be in a long-distance relationship if you were to reconcile?
  • And lastly, are your friends and family mostly positive about the prospect of you and your ex getting back together?

Getting Your Ex Back Final Thoughts:

In determining whether a couple can reunite after a breakup has happened, the time apart may not be your most important factor to consider. However, that being said, the longer time in between a break up and getting back together CAN increase the odds that your ex will meet someone else.

Therefore, if you’re wanting to save your relationship it’s strongly recommended to not wait. You can start right now by learning exactly what it takes to get your ex back here.

Considering your answers to the questions raised in this article, how do you feel about the odds of getting your ex back again? Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. Keziah lohe

    He got the perfect girl for himself and told me to leave him if i realy love him

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    i’m scared he might tell me the same also. i won’t be able to handle it, if he does.