How To Get Your Ex Back – You MUST Avoid These Break Up Mistakes!

Let’s face it, going through a break up is one of the most difficult times in anyone’s life. The wounds are fresh, and the pain one feels is indescribable.

Because of the intense pain and extreme emotions one feels during a break up, many people make critical mistakes. This is especially true if you are wanting to try to get back together with your ex again.

So, in order to give you the best chance to get your ex back, your first need to know how to handle yourself if certain situations were to occur. For example, how would you answer these questions…

  • What would you do if your ex called you right now on the phone?
  • How’s the best way to behave towards your ex?
  • Is it OK to text your ex during a break up?

The answers to those questions, and many more about how to handle a break up, are provided in my video below. So to learn about common break up mistakes to avoid, and get advice on how to get your ex back, please take a few minutes to watch this crucial video right now.

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3 responses to “How To Get Your Ex Back – You MUST Avoid These Break Up Mistakes!”

  1. Daniel

    Me and my ex met at work and started dating after about 2 months. She has another job so it was only like once a week we worked together. We dated about 5 months the she broke up with me saying things had become weird and I agreed with her so it was mutual. 4 days later she text me saying she had made a mistake and I didn’t jump back into it because I was scared and I had bought into the things she said earlier so she took it as I was ready to move on even though I wasnt. The next time we saw each other she was extremely emotional and I had heard from friend that she had missed me deeply. The next shift things were like normal and I started to feel like I wanted another chance. 2 weeks later she started seeing my best friends friend who was somebody she had just met. The rebound guy has also been staying there regularly first as a friend on her and her roommates couch but then eventually once she had thought I was over her she gave him a chance to court her. I havent had anybody new in my life by this time. Before I knew she was dating again I had planned to try and rekindle things, but when I found out I had text her that this hurt my feelings due to the circumstances and I felt like I got cheated out of my chance to rekindle. So 3 days later I meet with her and told her it was a mistake not taking her back and that I have never stopped loving her. I told her I wanted her to be happy, but that I wanted another chance whenever whether it was today or in a year. She told me she hadn’t necessarily moved on but that she was in a new place and happy. As she left we hugged emotionally and we even had one kiss on the lips. I text her the next day just to say have a nice week and if she was ever free to call me. A couple hours later I sent yellow flowers to her work with a somewhat romantic card all as a friendly gesture. She text me that it was sweet but I had stop because she was in a new place. I told her I would leave her be and I wished her luck. She then text that I am a great guy and she values me. All of our friends now know how I feel about her now and she is about to go on a 4 day vacation with many of them including my roommate and excluding the rebound guy. I guess I am wondering the fact that she broke up with me then wanted me back and I didnt take her back but then when I was ready to she was already in a new relationship whether or not she still had the same feelings for me? I get a vibe she would want to try things again but when I met with her to tell her I loved her this whole time she said that she was afraid of feeling hurt again in the same way and that she said she was happy in her new position. We don’t work together anymore and I havent had contact with her in 3 days because I told her I would leave her be. I know all this seems jumbled the way I am writing it but from what I have read online my situation is unique. By which I mean that she initially wanted me back after she broke up with me and didn’t take her back, but when I did want her back she was already in a new relationship. I want to give her space but I don’t know if I should hold out the hope that things won’t work with her rebound guy or even that she still has the same feelings for me because she initially thought I was over her. Im just so lost. I am feeling good and I am focusing on bettering myself but I don’t know if she is willing to try things again with me or whether her thinking is only being tainted by her new current happy relationship with the rebound guy?

  2. Jason

    The Magic of Making up has really shown me how to maintain my composure after the breakup. All I wanted to do was crawl back to my ex and beg for her back. Now i know how to focus on what I need to do, while I am working at getting back with my ex. This is a great eBook for anyone suffering from a breakup.

  3. James Malcoin


    I just read your article and watched your video. And that’s some good information you provide. I have not purchase your course, though I in April just got divorced. I also had a big desire in the beginning to get my ex-wife back. But as time has passed, I found out that it’s probably never going to work between us.

    But I would like to comment on what I have learned if now I wanted her back. And as you say, to show surplus, and let her know that your life goes on without her. And as you say, always be friendly and not pointing the finger of what has happened in the past,

    So the advice is, stay calm, show surplus and that you are feeling better, start exercising and always be ready to help the other without throwing everything you have in your hands.

    Best wishes from here