Why Men Cheat (And What You Can Do About It)

All men know that cheating is wrong. But no matter how clear they are on it, they are also under the influence of many forces that push them to think about, and sometimes actually do it anyway.

We all know guys are driven by hormones, but what is it that makes a man feel so attracted to the notion of cheating, especially when they are already in a great relationship with a incredible woman?

Here are some of the reasons guys will decide to cheat on the women they love, and what you can do about it…

Are you in a committed relationship?

Sometimes cheating isn’t really cheating; it’s simply that two people are NOT actually in a committed relationship. If you haven’t explicitly agreed to be exclusive to each other, there’s no real grounds for being angry when you find out he’s been with another woman.

If this is the case, consider it your call to action. Is this truly your “forever” man? How can you make your relationship a solid, exclusive two-way commitment? Do a soul search, make a decision, and communicate with your man.

If he’s not in the same place you are, you should let him know that you’re prepared to move on without him. If the two of you agree to exclusive commitment, be clear about your boundaries. No cheating allowed.

Why Men Cheat:

1) Men love a challenge

The truth of the matter is that guys love a challenge, and when a guy hears or thinks “You can’t have this…” his engine roars to life. Because men consider nearly everything in life as a sort of challenge, some men don’t stop when it comes to cheating. Everything is a game, and the game is everything.

The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of the chase, the charge they get out of bagging a mountain peak, completing an obstacle course, or even just winning a new account doesn’t stop when it comes to getting a woman to sleep with him.

2) Another reason why men cheat is for an ego boost.

It can be an incredible jolt of power to know that another person sexually desires you. And if you’re in a long-term relationship with a man, he may be wondering whether he’s still attractive to other women, even if he’s assured of your sexual interest.

3) Cheating can be easier than dealing with relationship problems.

Cheating can also be a solid indicator that there’s something wrong in your relationship. Is the sexual fire dead or dying? Are you feeling pulled apart by the daily struggles of life?

Have the two of you been hit by major changes (job loss, major move, death in the family, etc.) that are causing a breach between you? These are prime times for men to cheat.

Cheating can also seem like an easy way to avoid addressing personal problems like low self-esteem, fear of being alone, or fear of commitment.

Top Reasons Men Cheat?

Are you giving him everything, all the time? Are you being his mom and maid, as well as his wife? Think about how you can back off and let him carry half the weight and responsibility for your relationship, and consider letting him “work” to win your attention.

Make sure you communicate just what it is that turns you on, just what he needs to do to win your attention. And don’t forget the secret to pulling it all off with style and beauty…

…The most attractive women are the ones who are both confident of their attractiveness and engaged with the world around them. He needs to know that winning you is NOT a sure thing or an easy bet! He’ll need to keep on his toes if he wants to keep you for himself.

How to Keep a Man From Cheating

In wanting to keep your man from cheating on you, it’s critical to know that men desperately want to be needed, desired, and admired. Notice the things he works hardest at, and give him your honest admiration for what he’s doing.

Brag to others about his accomplishments (particularly if he can hear you), invite him to explain things to you, do things for you (especially if they are “manly” things) and give him clear signals when you’re pleased. Make sure you don’t stop working at being sexy, and encourage him to be his sexiest, too.

To Sum Up Why Men Cheat:

Remember, cheating is almost always a symptom of bigger relationship problems.Reasons Men Cheat Get whatever help you need in order to figure out exactly what is causing you and your man to drift apart, and get it fixed!

If this is the man you intend to keep forever, you need to be armed with the most powerful “love recipes” ever. Knowing and understanding why men cheat, and how you can strengthen your relationship and keep it secure and solid forever is important for all couples.

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