3 Slightly Weird Facts You Should Know Before You Try to Win Him Back

Breakups suck. There’s just no arguing with that.

People make mistakes, trust is betrayed, hearts are broken, and relationships crumble under the pressure. The pain can be crippling, and it’s hard to think clearly when you’re sick at heart and can barely drag yourself out of bed. Some days you can’t even try.

And it doesn’t help much to know that lots of people have been through it, because “lots of people” doesn’t feel like YOU.

What IS helpful is knowing exactly what you face if you plan to try to win him back. But the things you need to know aren’t necessarily OBVIOUS. In fact, if they were so clear to everyone, very few people would break up to start with, and even fewer would get back together.

The three facts below may sound odd, but they are TRUE, and you can use them to get back on your way to a renewed relationship with the man you love.

If knowing the truth is half the battle, check out the three facts below, and you’re on your way.

Fact #1: You CAN win him back.

No, you don’t feel incredibly confident right this minute, especially if you’re still in the middle of a messy breakup. But the good news is that even the worst breakups can be interrupted, and EVEN if the breakup is completely and totally over, you STILL have options for winning back the man you love.

Fact #2: The timing is PERFECT.

I can hear your agonized protests from here. And yet I can promise you that the timing is just right.

Why? Because breakups happen for real reasons, and if you can figure out how things are going wrong BEFORE the actual breakup, you’re supernaturally good at relationships, but if you’re just as normal as the rest of us, you find out something is really, really wrong WHEN it actually happens. (Welcome to the regular world, we’re all here with you!)

So now that you’re in the middle of a breakup, you have the perfect opportunity to evaluate several things:

1. Whether or not he’s the best possible man for you.

2. Exactly what chain of events and underlying emotions caused the breakup to happen.

3. Whether or not you REALLY want him back.

I’m not saying any of this feels good, because it doesn’t. It’s incredibly painful. It makes you want to throw up, it hurts so much. But the timing is right, and you can make it work if you decide you want to.

Fact #3: After a breakup, you must STOP doing what comes “naturally”.

One of the primary mistakes women tend to make when a man breaks up with them is beg for a reconciliation. This just makes things worse.

The biggest secrets to winning him back are pretty counter-intuitive, which is why so many people get it wrong when they try what comes “naturally.” Things like constantly calling or texting, pleading with him, and stalking him on Facebook may feel like the thing to do, but they will only serve to drive him further away. So relax, because winning him back will NEVER involve begging or pleading.

In fact, winning him back will involve at least one extremely counter-intuitive tactic that you will want to resist with every beat of your heart… But if you’ll do it, you will be ON YOUR WAY to winning him back. Want to know what it is? I’ll tell you, but it’s not what you think, and it’s also a bit more complicated than it sounds…

You must agree with the breakup!

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